Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Justice versus Mercy!


Guys, this is the summary of the Christian religion (CHRIST-LIKE FAITH) in 11 minutes.

{Click on the link below to watch the video}

When you have good news, by default, you share it. 

Be blessed,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

bits and pieces of ATL


{Disclaimer: I find beauty in the most mundane things of life. Eg. A man holding a baby, a yellow flower with purple tips, water, etc.}

 I have had such an amazing week down here in Atlanta and the thought of returning to the Mid West discourages me. But, it's time to return to real life. Will I return to Georgia? Heck yes! I have had some very interesting experiences and others which make me miss Boulder but in general, the sun was very functional (you know, in Colorado, the sun usually brings light and no heat). I'm thankful for the opportunity. My friends were so much fun to be around. I learned a lot too.

So, here are a few moments of my trip. Honestly there were some amazing moments I would love to share but they have my face in there. I'm still not very public just yet. Some, I couldn't capture on camera for instance the tour of the CNN centre. The ones I could, here they are:

Lol, I'm not that old yet. Technically, I can still do childish things. :)

Ethiopian food. One way forward!

My sentiments exactly...WE HAVE PENGUINS TOO. Ok!

Downtown ATL, there were so many people with nothing tangible to do. Just chilling.

Seriously? We were worried that they would fall off.

BLACK COUPLES. Almost non-existent in Boulder. And the girl to the left loved my hair. :)

WORST COKE PRODUCT EVER!!! From Italy. The CocaCola Company mentioned that it's the most talked about product too.

They were both from Mexico and Honduras. I tasted about 46 CocaCola products from around the world at the CocaCola company, Atlanta. Honestly, it was worth it. Make sure you do same if you ever visit.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunch with Diane*


Since I am in Atlanta, I met with DIANE from for lunch. She was so much fun to be with. Her  outift was on point as ALWAYS.


She's in the pretty blue dress, killer twists and pretty jacket.  We took this picture together! Check out her blog, she's amazing!

Something sweeter than burntbottompot!


JESUS is the sweetest name I know. He's always just the same yet His mystery never ends. His name is sweeter than food from the burntbottompot!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Atlanta Hotel


I'm in Atlanta and the weekend was awesome (during the conference). Now, my friends and I are staying at a hotel in downtown Atlanta to be in the centre of things since a lot of the ATL attractions are downtown. The story behind the hotel we are staying at now:

We spent about two weeks looking for an affordable hotel without having to compromise safety and comfort standards for cheapness. After a long time, we found what was perfect. It was a little bit pricey compared to other hotels but we could afford it.
I'll show you the pictures we saw. There were so many facilities (and some were absent) but we were sure that we liked the hotel.

Oh, I don't even know how to describe how disappointed my friends and I were when we walked beyond the front desk of this hotel. The walls are a very dirty pink with very unattractive view of the hotel commons. We requested for a room with a view hoping that we would have at the very worst a view of the busy downtown. But oh no! :( you fit lie like this.
Well, the rooms work. They are pretty decent and comfortable so since this would be were I would be sleeping and waking up, I am pretty encouraged. Only that the socket outlets are located an inch away from the ceiling. Seriously? I am almost six feet and I cannot make sense out of how we are supposed to make use of those outlets. But as a constructive engineering student (and the child of a man whose favorite word is initiative), I along with my friends found a way.

This Atlanta promises to be an interesting experience and so far has lived up to its promise.

Another issue. So much for southern hospitality.
In a matter of days, I have re-oriented myself with my environment and quickly discovered that I am not in Boulder. Service in ATL is so unfriendly and rude; permit me. I called about seventeen places to make orders for deliveries. Fine, I understand that they cannot deliver (meanwhile almost everyone in Boulder delivers) but they hung up on me...ALL THE TIME. :( Oh well.

His peace!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I missed my flight!


On my way to Atlanta last Friday, I MISSED MY FLIGHT because I was carrying a Nigerian passport and had to go through secondary and tertiary security screening. Bless the English Language, it never runs out of euphemisms. I wouldn't dwell on this, the US Security system isn't to blame. Truthfully, I would like to spit out what was on my mind but what could I do? I indeed feel terrible that I am suffering for the sins of another and want to scream that thunder should strike Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab and that the sun should burn of his hair mm by mm until each strand is all gone and that at the same time, his skin should bleach. United gave me another flight and it wasn't that bad  because I had a lot of friends on that later flight. And Atlanta has been nothing short of amazing. My worn and cotton-thick brain was thinking like someone who hasn't learned to be rational.

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, may thunder not strike you because if for every thing I have done wrong, fire was rained down on me, my ashes would still be burning. But, let your chicken conscience be the judge of you before you face the almighty. It'll make things better.

On a very unrelated note:

I regard a few words as offensive...
Naivety...oh pardon, Na***ty, is the top on that list. And Ph***cs (physics) be warned, you are slowly creeping up to my list. But, there's a story I need to tell about this. COMING SOOn.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

The jewelery that I make.


Hey citizens of the People's Republic of Blog(s)ville. I promised a serious post, here it is:

I have started creating my own jewelery. Here's why this is worth it:

I do wear jewelery and lately, I have been interested in bright, bold and beautiful pieces. Also, I am rather creative with my fingers and always want to get something going with them. So, I decided to make myself a few pieces this morning. I would be giving myself a treat during my stay in Atlanta for about 9 days. I am so excited about this trip and the National A.S.A conference from tomorrow at Emory University, ATL.

Someone asked me if I could do without my pieces of jewelery. Yes! Yes, I could do well without them, They are material and are DISPENSABLE. So, I do like to collect the bold and the beautiful but my interest has its limits.

Have a blessed weekend people!

Make una let me know wetin una think abeg. :D

{Romans 1:16} this spring-break long and ALWAYS...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Inside my black tote!


I have this black tote which I carry to school. I used to have a red one previously and then a backpack but the red one became too small and the backpack was just less convenient. So, I got this black tote. I like it a lot, its big, roomy and has enough compartments for all the stuff I will need from the moment I walk out of my room door. Even though I live on campus, I try not to return to my room (which by the way, is on the other end of campus from majority of my classes) before I'm through because my bed has very seductive tendencies and ha, sometimes I happen to yield. And, when I see my guitar and my laptop (which I have stopped carrying around for obvious reasons), there will be 6 million things to do other than school work.
Anyway, here's what's usually inside my black bag. This was today's content:

I live in a very dry region and always have to be prepared. I haven't used a lot of make-up this semester but I have my Estee Lauder set always :) and of course some vaseline(yes! I'm from Nigeria).

With my needle, thread and pins, i can fix a whole lot. I have the stack in my room, handy! Those who know me know that I LOVE my fruits. That's the second apple this morning, as at now while I'm typing this, I've eaten it...
Its C-O-L-O-R-A-D-O and we could have four weather types in one day. I cannot be caught unawares beanie (which I have never worn by the way)and gloves. I usually have a pashmina also.

I actually just finished reading Myne Whitman's book, A HEART TO MEND. It was good, I recommend it.
My Buff Card (my school ID card) but without my ID details, sorry guys! And, my planner. Phew! Bless God for planners.

As a student, I always have my books with me. Again, I try to grab any free time to get homework done or study. And these books are so big, so thankfully, the tote is even bigger :)
That Marie Claire magazine, I have not read :( I don't know why they still send me mags after I have cancelled my subscription.

AND....*drum rolls*

MY BIBLE. My Bible is my map, my mirror and a lamp to my feet. It goes everywhere with me and is my favourite book ever! I need it to be able to pop open when I need my questions answered. Best place to be!

I mean, I'm thankful for the bag and all in it! :) Thought I'd share.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hookah and my worries!


This morning has already been busy enough. It's not yet 10:00am and I'm ready for church and done putting together games for our college Bible study this week. Yey to productive mornings like this one.

Something bothers me just a little bit.

I know a couple of friends who smoke hookah. They don't do this everyday and they definitely are not addicted to it (just yet) but I have my reservations towards hookah. I went on to find out more about hookah and concluded that its just a more soothing form of smoking cigarettes and since it is tobacco and performs the same function as cigarettes. It does therefore have it's effect, they may just be much slower. I'm worried for my friends and the side effects it may have. Would anyone be kind enough to add their insights on this issue? I'm not sure how many people are familiar with hookah on here but here's a picture of it...and you could google it too.

That remind's me. I'm amazed at how 'google' and 'wiki' have become verbs. Instead of the nouns that they were originally. Now we say 'google it or wiki it' instead of 'go on google or go on wiki and search for it'. Haha, that is interesting and definitely more convenient.

Short post guys, all of us go catch later!

Happy and blessed sunday.

{April 17th, 2010}
So after some time finding out about hookah, I have discovered that there are two kinds. One has tobacco and another is flavored steam. Thanks for all your help.

Friday, March 12, 2010

For now.


So, I am sitting here in front of a computer at the office where I volunteer. My friend just showed me a link that shows CHIMAMANDA ADICHIE as one of the top 40 women who have influenced the world. Well, they couldn't be any more right. Kudos lady, you're an icon.

See for yourself.

Okay! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Or I should be back here before the weekend ends.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Layla Grace


Jos crisis made me bleed. This pure little soul has made me weak.

Layla Grace is a two year old priceless princess who has been fighting the battle with a type of cancer and the doctors say she is close to her end. Sincerely, I have read through her mum's blog where she outlines the day-to-day struggle that her baby is facing. Her faith and her courage have seen her through thus far.

Please pray for Layla. It's hard to pray specifically at this point. Just pray that God's will be done. Either way, the jewel will live because in her mortal death, she will meet with the pearly gates and will be received with a 'well done my good and faithful servant'. She has managed to draw so many hearts to Christ through her fight and if a miracle happens we will be thankful all the same.

Her parents and sisters (aged 9 and 3) are extremely courageous and are an inspiration. Please pray along that they will continually grow from strength to strength, while they do all they can to put laughter in the days of their angel.

LaylaGrace, the little darling.

I hardly did justice to this. Please visit and be a part of this testimony.

Bless the souls of all those fighting cancer.

Look what we are doing to ourselves


Is there anybody out there listening?

Jos was once the most peaceful city in Nigeria. My family and I used to go with other families to Jos on a tour every year. It was one of those highlights of our year when growing up. It WAS. Now, I don't even know where to start.

I have no more strength in me to pass blames on one religion or tribe or the other. I'm just writing with a bleeding heart and sore eyes that we stop this tragedy. We are killing ourselves in the name of tribal and religious conflict. I don't know if the government will hear our plea because there's hardly one. We still don't know what's happening to the leadership. Therefore, I'll beg us all, the citizens.

There are no reasons whatsoever that can justify this. Please, lets turn a new leaf. My uncle (my father's older brother)'s house was burnt down. This is more than just a house, its where he and his family along with a few other relatives have called home for a long time. This structure was put in place long before my father even got married. All of them (including the tenants) have been forced to move out and rent another place. All the family albums, credentials, documents, etc are gone forever. His children are devastated. My aunty's shop which was part of the entire building is history. What did they do? Nothing. Apart from that they lived in a neighborhood where a lot of Christians live. It's very terrible. They weren't even in Jos when this happened, they were in the village.

I really want to put up pictures but I can't. I don't want to continue the chain of sharing those gory images. You can find them online if you wish. I'm tired of being tagged and having to behold the bodies of my brethren. But we need to face this problem. I spoke to my father yesterday and when he was confirming what's going on in Nigeria, I broke down.

Families are wiped away like they are mere plants.

If you know someone you can speak to, please beg them for me.
If you know someone you can cry to, please beg them for me.
If you know how to pray, please pray.
Those innocent children will be accounted for on the day of judgement and I'm not sure if our stories will be satisfactory to the Lord.

With tears in my heart!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Seriously, guys?


On a side note: Today, I walked into my chemistry class and there were two balloons filled with helium floating from the professor's platform in front of the class. The balloons were green and white. YEY! Nigeria.

But during the experiment, he popped my Nigerian balloons :(

Seriously now.

So, my school has a painfully low number of black people, talk less of Africans. In a school of over thirty thousand (30,000) students, there are 400 black people. Okay, when half of these are athletes and half of the remaining half do not associate with African activities, it means, my eyes are limited to very few brothers and sisters. It's annoying to say the least, but oh well.

Sometime last year (during black love week), we had a day when we had the battle of the sexes. Okay, so it was my first time attending such, one of my first times really attending a black community gathering and my first time seeing some of the athletes. (Ah, that's why they are scarce, because they are demanded commodities).Lol. Anyway, a lot of the girls were very offended with the boys. They were offended because most of the black guys choose to date white girls. So, I didn't even notice but apparently it was a big deal.

As in, the boys were really defending why they choose to date white girls. It was so interesting to listen to.

One boy was like "We date white girls because we can mess around with them and we hold black girls in high esteem. When we want to be serious, we will come to the black girls".

My mouth was open for a long time. If there was a fly, it would have bred and died in there. Ah, seriously guys? A good number of the boys were in agreement. And the girls would really be feeling fly that they have secured black boys. :(

Watch what you say oh. However much I try to disbelieve this stereotypic representation of both black and white girls, watch the motives behind your actions.

I tried to let this topic drop. But their explanation wasn't satisfactory to the ladies. Go figure.

Question: Are these few the only ones who think this way?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Americans are polite people.


I attended a West-African festival this past weekend. It was amazing, to say the least and I was very glad to have helped out in my little way. The MC, this tremendous man from Ghana (it was organized by a few Ghanaian people) was very interesting, cracking some West-African jokes up there. Anyway, one time, he said this:

'I think Americans are very polite people' (and me along my growing skepticism was raising an eyebrow to see where he was going).

'You know when they hear that you have an accent, instead of saying you sound funny, they'll ask you where you're from'

'When they see that you have dreadlocks, instead of asking you if you smoke weed, they'll ask you if you like Bob Marley'

How true! And what a way to look at it.

Ah, this country is very interesting!

P.S: I am writing sort of a speech about 'African Authenticity'. It should be very interesting, I'll let you all know.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Obodo Oyinbo Oh!


One time, someone I knew was taking a class during which they studied 'Nigeria'. Ehn, not my own Nigeria sha because I wonder where the professor got his or her facts from. I really do not like talking much about stereotypes that we face but this one was too much.

'The rate of female genital mutilation in African countries is very high reaching up to 100% in Nigeria and other countries'

Seriously, 100%? Including my mother, my sister and me? And all the other women whom I know who live in Nigeria? Tufiakwa!

So, I told the babe that it was the furthest thing from truth. I mean, she was clearly in doubt about it and that was why she told me. But imagine all the others who base their knowledge on such ridiculous information. We both did a little research, to find a more reasonable percentage.

But, with time, I've learnt not to be offended but instead to gently enlighten the other party. I mean, some of them do try. One conversation in chemistry went like this:

XOOX: Do you know what the answer to this (clicker question) is?
Me:): Yes. It is this because...
XOOX: Oh okay, I see. Thank you. I'm XOOX.
Me:): I'm funmi. Nice to meet you.
XOOX: So where are you from?
Me:): Nigeria
XOOX::Oh wow! You sound very American.
Me:): Huh?
XOOX: You barely have an accent.
Me:): (that face you make when slightly irritated because it kills me that I'm losing
my accent gradually). I guess that's because we speak English officially.
XOOX:Oh wow! No more French?

So, at first my inner self burst out in a very torturous laugh. But then, he tried. At least he knows that French is a common official language in West Africa.

Me:): No, All our neighbors do however.

And that's one of the numerous daily convos I have of ace. Oh well, na me carry myself come obodo oyinbo. Bless my soul and the souls of them all.

Friday, March 5, 2010


This is my debut post so I thought I would start off by introducing myself. I am a young lady, very very young but I have the experiences of a slightly older one and over thirty inches worth of legs!

In summary:
'they took me out of the homeland (for better reasons) but try hard as they may, the others haven't succeeded in taken mama land out of me'.

See you all on the blog journey!