Sunday, March 7, 2010

Americans are polite people.


I attended a West-African festival this past weekend. It was amazing, to say the least and I was very glad to have helped out in my little way. The MC, this tremendous man from Ghana (it was organized by a few Ghanaian people) was very interesting, cracking some West-African jokes up there. Anyway, one time, he said this:

'I think Americans are very polite people' (and me along my growing skepticism was raising an eyebrow to see where he was going).

'You know when they hear that you have an accent, instead of saying you sound funny, they'll ask you where you're from'

'When they see that you have dreadlocks, instead of asking you if you smoke weed, they'll ask you if you like Bob Marley'

How true! And what a way to look at it.

Ah, this country is very interesting!

P.S: I am writing sort of a speech about 'African Authenticity'. It should be very interesting, I'll let you all know.


  1. I guess the MC was right, lol! There are lots of polite, kind and globally aware people in the US. And, there are those who will make insensitive comments, as well. But that is the way it is everywhere, right?

    First time here and I came via a comment you left at my Easier blog. Hoping all is well!

  2. All is well, Solomon Sydelle! Your blog is fantastic


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