Saturday, March 6, 2010

Obodo Oyinbo Oh!


One time, someone I knew was taking a class during which they studied 'Nigeria'. Ehn, not my own Nigeria sha because I wonder where the professor got his or her facts from. I really do not like talking much about stereotypes that we face but this one was too much.

'The rate of female genital mutilation in African countries is very high reaching up to 100% in Nigeria and other countries'

Seriously, 100%? Including my mother, my sister and me? And all the other women whom I know who live in Nigeria? Tufiakwa!

So, I told the babe that it was the furthest thing from truth. I mean, she was clearly in doubt about it and that was why she told me. But imagine all the others who base their knowledge on such ridiculous information. We both did a little research, to find a more reasonable percentage.

But, with time, I've learnt not to be offended but instead to gently enlighten the other party. I mean, some of them do try. One conversation in chemistry went like this:

XOOX: Do you know what the answer to this (clicker question) is?
Me:): Yes. It is this because...
XOOX: Oh okay, I see. Thank you. I'm XOOX.
Me:): I'm funmi. Nice to meet you.
XOOX: So where are you from?
Me:): Nigeria
XOOX::Oh wow! You sound very American.
Me:): Huh?
XOOX: You barely have an accent.
Me:): (that face you make when slightly irritated because it kills me that I'm losing
my accent gradually). I guess that's because we speak English officially.
XOOX:Oh wow! No more French?

So, at first my inner self burst out in a very torturous laugh. But then, he tried. At least he knows that French is a common official language in West Africa.

Me:): No, All our neighbors do however.

And that's one of the numerous daily convos I have of ace. Oh well, na me carry myself come obodo oyinbo. Bless my soul and the souls of them all.

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