Sunday, December 23, 2012

This is Goodbye

This is goodbye.

I wrote a post expressing everything I feel, how thankful I am to God, how very thankful I am to God who never fails and what new things I'm working on. But it is too long so let it dwell in my drafts folder.

I will miss this place but I'm not gone. When you have found love by the ocean, don't be afraid when you meet the snow. Your water spirit; you will find, in rain or in snow.

Oluwafunmilayo Yoruba Bini NakedSha Storyteller Oyatogun.

Watch out!

Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, the Seventh One!

Our people are silent, in memory.

To my 10/12/2005 60 LJC angels, especially:

Chinonye Egbosimba,
Mayowa Oyebode
Sandra Gbemudu
Stephanie Nwoko

The seventh time around, it is easier. 
No tears, just deep, deep disappointment,
But the tears come and go, so today's none don't count.

I'm sorry. I still can't promise you that it won't happen again,
That it hasn't happened since then.
In fact, it has. Dana: that's what they called the latest one.

And resilience has become our best vice,
Maybe our biggest flaw,
Because some are moving on
Carrying the stench in the country...not away from it. 

So, same song, same hurt, same story:

Damn you country so good at killing
Damn you (bitter) feelings for persevering. 

Damn the soil that swallowed our pride.
Damn the price they paid with their lives
Damn the price we paid for their lies.
Damn the fire, damn the liar, damn the fire.
Damn their stories, their trials, their promises.
Damn that "Rivers" State did not have water.
Damn you burned bridges, stolen future, incomplete histories. 

And BLESS you heaven for accepting the ones we rejected. 
We're better, the seventh time. 

But we can never erase you; Thank God!