Friday, December 9, 2011

December 10 - Another One

For my lost lovers:

Chinonye Egbosimba,
Mayowa Oyebode
Sandra Gbemudu,
Stephanie Nwoko,

and all those who perished in Sosoliso, 10.12.2005.

To the world, you're the epitome of how a country can shatter its own future. How all the careless and non challant leaders were exposed one day. To the world, you're propaganda for a failed aviation system and needless deaths.

But the news does not remember the clothes you wore or how we smiled or how we did homework together in Grove and Montessori and Bereton and Bloombreed. We still remember everything and it sucks that we're bigger but you're still small in our memories. And how we would wait for term breaks to catch up on school stories.

The world calls you The 60 Angels but how can I call you an angel. I knew you in flesh. I guess you are with angels.

It is getting easier to deal with the memories and talk about them.

Damn you country so good at killing

Damn you (hurt) feelings for persevering.

But not much has changed.

Damn the soil that swallowed our pride.

Damn the prize that we paid for their lies.

Damn the fire, the liar, the fire.

Damn their stories, their trials, their promises.

Damn that Rivers State did not have water.

Damn you burned bridges, damn you stolen future, damn you incomplete stories.

And BLESS you heaven for accepting them.

We're fine, we've made it through 6 times, it'll get better.

But it'll never be easy to erase you.



  1. This is beautiful.
    May their soul continue to rest in perfect peace.

  2. May their souls rest in perfect peace

  3. May their souls rest in peace and may God heal your heart


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