Monday, March 8, 2010

Seriously, guys?


On a side note: Today, I walked into my chemistry class and there were two balloons filled with helium floating from the professor's platform in front of the class. The balloons were green and white. YEY! Nigeria.

But during the experiment, he popped my Nigerian balloons :(

Seriously now.

So, my school has a painfully low number of black people, talk less of Africans. In a school of over thirty thousand (30,000) students, there are 400 black people. Okay, when half of these are athletes and half of the remaining half do not associate with African activities, it means, my eyes are limited to very few brothers and sisters. It's annoying to say the least, but oh well.

Sometime last year (during black love week), we had a day when we had the battle of the sexes. Okay, so it was my first time attending such, one of my first times really attending a black community gathering and my first time seeing some of the athletes. (Ah, that's why they are scarce, because they are demanded commodities).Lol. Anyway, a lot of the girls were very offended with the boys. They were offended because most of the black guys choose to date white girls. So, I didn't even notice but apparently it was a big deal.

As in, the boys were really defending why they choose to date white girls. It was so interesting to listen to.

One boy was like "We date white girls because we can mess around with them and we hold black girls in high esteem. When we want to be serious, we will come to the black girls".

My mouth was open for a long time. If there was a fly, it would have bred and died in there. Ah, seriously guys? A good number of the boys were in agreement. And the girls would really be feeling fly that they have secured black boys. :(

Watch what you say oh. However much I try to disbelieve this stereotypic representation of both black and white girls, watch the motives behind your actions.

I tried to let this topic drop. But their explanation wasn't satisfactory to the ladies. Go figure.

Question: Are these few the only ones who think this way?


  1. lie joh! dey were just giving an excuse! dey date white girls cos black girls won't take their rubbish and the white girl will even beg the black guy even if he's wrong.....that's what i think sha o...

    p.s : nice blog. first time here.


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