Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Look what we are doing to ourselves


Is there anybody out there listening?

Jos was once the most peaceful city in Nigeria. My family and I used to go with other families to Jos on a tour every year. It was one of those highlights of our year when growing up. It WAS. Now, I don't even know where to start.

I have no more strength in me to pass blames on one religion or tribe or the other. I'm just writing with a bleeding heart and sore eyes that we stop this tragedy. We are killing ourselves in the name of tribal and religious conflict. I don't know if the government will hear our plea because there's hardly one. We still don't know what's happening to the leadership. Therefore, I'll beg us all, the citizens.

There are no reasons whatsoever that can justify this. Please, lets turn a new leaf. My uncle (my father's older brother)'s house was burnt down. This is more than just a house, its where he and his family along with a few other relatives have called home for a long time. This structure was put in place long before my father even got married. All of them (including the tenants) have been forced to move out and rent another place. All the family albums, credentials, documents, etc are gone forever. His children are devastated. My aunty's shop which was part of the entire building is history. What did they do? Nothing. Apart from that they lived in a neighborhood where a lot of Christians live. It's very terrible. They weren't even in Jos when this happened, they were in the village.

I really want to put up pictures but I can't. I don't want to continue the chain of sharing those gory images. You can find them online if you wish. I'm tired of being tagged and having to behold the bodies of my brethren. But we need to face this problem. I spoke to my father yesterday and when he was confirming what's going on in Nigeria, I broke down.

Families are wiped away like they are mere plants.

If you know someone you can speak to, please beg them for me.
If you know someone you can cry to, please beg them for me.
If you know how to pray, please pray.
Those innocent children will be accounted for on the day of judgement and I'm not sure if our stories will be satisfactory to the Lord.

With tears in my heart!!!


  1. The tragedy that is Jos is aggravated by its on-going nature... The fact that the killing repeats itself makes it more of a disgrace. It stirs up not just any kind of sorrow but helpless sorrow at that because we know the violence is bound to erupt sooner or later.

    If the root causes are not addressed, people will continue to take out their frustrations on their fellow men. I am not justifying quartering innocent individuals but the fact of the matter is that this will continue until living standards are raised. All these blame games.. Governor blaming army, army blaming governor... are just wasting time... And that is the worst thing you can possibly do when lives are at stake.

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