Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Layla Grace


Jos crisis made me bleed. This pure little soul has made me weak.

Layla Grace is a two year old priceless princess who has been fighting the battle with a type of cancer and the doctors say she is close to her end. Sincerely, I have read through her mum's blog where she outlines the day-to-day struggle that her baby is facing. Her faith and her courage have seen her through thus far.

Please pray for Layla. It's hard to pray specifically at this point. Just pray that God's will be done. Either way, the jewel will live because in her mortal death, she will meet with the pearly gates and will be received with a 'well done my good and faithful servant'. She has managed to draw so many hearts to Christ through her fight and if a miracle happens we will be thankful all the same.

Her parents and sisters (aged 9 and 3) are extremely courageous and are an inspiration. Please pray along that they will continually grow from strength to strength, while they do all they can to put laughter in the days of their angel.

LaylaGrace, the little darling.

I hardly did justice to this. Please visit and be a part of this testimony.

Bless the souls of all those fighting cancer.

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