Thursday, March 25, 2010

bits and pieces of ATL


{Disclaimer: I find beauty in the most mundane things of life. Eg. A man holding a baby, a yellow flower with purple tips, water, etc.}

 I have had such an amazing week down here in Atlanta and the thought of returning to the Mid West discourages me. But, it's time to return to real life. Will I return to Georgia? Heck yes! I have had some very interesting experiences and others which make me miss Boulder but in general, the sun was very functional (you know, in Colorado, the sun usually brings light and no heat). I'm thankful for the opportunity. My friends were so much fun to be around. I learned a lot too.

So, here are a few moments of my trip. Honestly there were some amazing moments I would love to share but they have my face in there. I'm still not very public just yet. Some, I couldn't capture on camera for instance the tour of the CNN centre. The ones I could, here they are:

Lol, I'm not that old yet. Technically, I can still do childish things. :)

Ethiopian food. One way forward!

My sentiments exactly...WE HAVE PENGUINS TOO. Ok!

Downtown ATL, there were so many people with nothing tangible to do. Just chilling.

Seriously? We were worried that they would fall off.

BLACK COUPLES. Almost non-existent in Boulder. And the girl to the left loved my hair. :)

WORST COKE PRODUCT EVER!!! From Italy. The CocaCola Company mentioned that it's the most talked about product too.

They were both from Mexico and Honduras. I tasted about 46 CocaCola products from around the world at the CocaCola company, Atlanta. Honestly, it was worth it. Make sure you do same if you ever visit.


  1. You took absolutely beautiful pictures in Atlanta. Just saw the one of you with Diane, very nice!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. First time on your blog. Your pics make me want to visit and I love your hair.

  3. Thank you for joining in on the fun ! safe trip home !


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