Monday, March 22, 2010

Atlanta Hotel


I'm in Atlanta and the weekend was awesome (during the conference). Now, my friends and I are staying at a hotel in downtown Atlanta to be in the centre of things since a lot of the ATL attractions are downtown. The story behind the hotel we are staying at now:

We spent about two weeks looking for an affordable hotel without having to compromise safety and comfort standards for cheapness. After a long time, we found what was perfect. It was a little bit pricey compared to other hotels but we could afford it.
I'll show you the pictures we saw. There were so many facilities (and some were absent) but we were sure that we liked the hotel.

Oh, I don't even know how to describe how disappointed my friends and I were when we walked beyond the front desk of this hotel. The walls are a very dirty pink with very unattractive view of the hotel commons. We requested for a room with a view hoping that we would have at the very worst a view of the busy downtown. But oh no! :( you fit lie like this.
Well, the rooms work. They are pretty decent and comfortable so since this would be were I would be sleeping and waking up, I am pretty encouraged. Only that the socket outlets are located an inch away from the ceiling. Seriously? I am almost six feet and I cannot make sense out of how we are supposed to make use of those outlets. But as a constructive engineering student (and the child of a man whose favorite word is initiative), I along with my friends found a way.

This Atlanta promises to be an interesting experience and so far has lived up to its promise.

Another issue. So much for southern hospitality.
In a matter of days, I have re-oriented myself with my environment and quickly discovered that I am not in Boulder. Service in ATL is so unfriendly and rude; permit me. I called about seventeen places to make orders for deliveries. Fine, I understand that they cannot deliver (meanwhile almost everyone in Boulder delivers) but they hung up on me...ALL THE TIME. :( Oh well.

His peace!


  1. Naked Sha,i'm so sorry that your experience has been ridic. Usually ppl are nice here... i have been here for a few years though, so maybe i'm biased :-)
    But...since your in atlanta would you like to meet up for lunch or something? send your reply to my email :-)

  2. i hate rude people....if you hate your job so much......THEN PLEASE QUIT!!!!!!!!!!
    don't be rude!!!!! a naija girl..i am prepared to handle rudeness in any form.
    American rudeness doesn't get to me like that anymore......

    I have experienced naija rudeness most of my life....

    so now that i am in yankee, when i see folks being rude to my mind i'm thinking
    "y'all suckers don't get to me..i'm a naija babe!!!! i'm immune to your rudeness....."

    hope you have fun in ATL boo!!!!

    luv ya!!

    nawa for ceiling outlet oh..... this na how madness they

  3. @iphyigbogurl Thank you sista!, I'm adjusting! Love u too

  4. initiative was a "big word": ..i also learnt early in life..thanks to my dad...
    interestin list of never done/..i'm like 80% of that.. you must be a really good girl

  5. Simeone, true that!

    good girl! dunno, I thank Christ!

  6. Arrrghhh...I don't like it when those restaurants hang up! Frustrating...

    I like your "never have I" list. I don't how how people eat slimy snakes...saw it on TV...looks like fish though.


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