Thursday, March 18, 2010

The jewelery that I make.


Hey citizens of the People's Republic of Blog(s)ville. I promised a serious post, here it is:

I have started creating my own jewelery. Here's why this is worth it:

I do wear jewelery and lately, I have been interested in bright, bold and beautiful pieces. Also, I am rather creative with my fingers and always want to get something going with them. So, I decided to make myself a few pieces this morning. I would be giving myself a treat during my stay in Atlanta for about 9 days. I am so excited about this trip and the National A.S.A conference from tomorrow at Emory University, ATL.

Someone asked me if I could do without my pieces of jewelery. Yes! Yes, I could do well without them, They are material and are DISPENSABLE. So, I do like to collect the bold and the beautiful but my interest has its limits.

Have a blessed weekend people!

Make una let me know wetin una think abeg. :D

{Romans 1:16} this spring-break long and ALWAYS...


  1. i like....i can buy o...if u r interested in selling, i like unique let me know

  2. I like the earrings in the last photo...

  3. This is nice. Seriously. But I hope say person ear no go cut oh! those things look heavy.

    P.s. What is Omonoba abeg?

  4. loving the last earrings like it made of fabric/ankara? it is so pretty!

  5. Nice collection. The last earing looks like its made from fabric n i love the creativity

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  7. they do look bold. quite nice

    lol though about being creative with your fingers

  8. Thanks guys, I was at a conference and couldn't b log much.

    Yes, the first one is made out of ankara while the yellow/red one is made out of ankara and yellow beads.

    @Sugarking, Omonoba is 'child of the king' in my maternal language, Edo!

  9. @Neefemi, I'd definitely let you know if anything like that comes up!


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