Monday, March 15, 2010

Inside my black tote!


I have this black tote which I carry to school. I used to have a red one previously and then a backpack but the red one became too small and the backpack was just less convenient. So, I got this black tote. I like it a lot, its big, roomy and has enough compartments for all the stuff I will need from the moment I walk out of my room door. Even though I live on campus, I try not to return to my room (which by the way, is on the other end of campus from majority of my classes) before I'm through because my bed has very seductive tendencies and ha, sometimes I happen to yield. And, when I see my guitar and my laptop (which I have stopped carrying around for obvious reasons), there will be 6 million things to do other than school work.
Anyway, here's what's usually inside my black bag. This was today's content:

I live in a very dry region and always have to be prepared. I haven't used a lot of make-up this semester but I have my Estee Lauder set always :) and of course some vaseline(yes! I'm from Nigeria).

With my needle, thread and pins, i can fix a whole lot. I have the stack in my room, handy! Those who know me know that I LOVE my fruits. That's the second apple this morning, as at now while I'm typing this, I've eaten it...
Its C-O-L-O-R-A-D-O and we could have four weather types in one day. I cannot be caught unawares beanie (which I have never worn by the way)and gloves. I usually have a pashmina also.

I actually just finished reading Myne Whitman's book, A HEART TO MEND. It was good, I recommend it.
My Buff Card (my school ID card) but without my ID details, sorry guys! And, my planner. Phew! Bless God for planners.

As a student, I always have my books with me. Again, I try to grab any free time to get homework done or study. And these books are so big, so thankfully, the tote is even bigger :)
That Marie Claire magazine, I have not read :( I don't know why they still send me mags after I have cancelled my subscription.

AND....*drum rolls*

MY BIBLE. My Bible is my map, my mirror and a lamp to my feet. It goes everywhere with me and is my favourite book ever! I need it to be able to pop open when I need my questions answered. Best place to be!

I mean, I'm thankful for the bag and all in it! :) Thought I'd share.


  1. i want a tote like that, hmmm ideas, i will go look for one soonest

  2. hey neefemi!
    you could get one like that from NewYork and Company, Target, Ross, Macys and even Charlotte Russe

  3. Ok, your black tote bag is huge. I love the contents...ahhh, the famous vaseline, Myne Whitman's novel, and the bible with a unique pink cover...I love!!!

    You can tell a lot about a person from their tote bag...he he.

  4. Jaycee, thanks.

    I would like to know what my tote says about me!

  5. i love the cover of your bible...very chic!!lol

  6. thx pink satin. its half pink, half orange!

  7. Wow! So much for one bag!

    The thread and needles / pins... real life savers!

  8. That bag is like a local government- it provides everything you need! Really cool that you have your Bible in it sha; being grounded is important. :)

  9. lol@ local government, F!

    I'm lost without Christ. The Bible is one way that God speaks to me.

  10. I'm glad i'm not the only that carries around a jar of vaseline. My friends have been making fun of And yes, i second your statement about the planner and bible..even tho i don't carry mine..

  11. thanks for stopping by, Diane!

  12. oh my days!!! there is someone like me who is a moving house!! lol


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