Saturday, October 22, 2011

First Love

Our people say:
Yoruba: A kì í pè é lẹ́rù ká pè é lọ́ṣọ̀ọ́.
English: One does not call it a burden and also call it an adornment. - Yoruba proverb.
[It's not a poem; something between poetry and prose] cc AduraOjo

To the new man, Sultry:

I'm older now, I know. My skin is rotting and my hair is thinning. But your stunning boast has also worn. Don't ask for any more of my tedious love. I have your ring and your graceless name and I can take nothing more from you. I should have made you swear before Sango or Amadioha or even my father's grave that you would have and hold. You, my husband, have not done much for me. Your words are still and bland like stale bread and they do not refresh me. Your nakedness does not awe me. Have you ever noticed how my hair curls or the flaws on my chin? Do you even know the name of my God?

Allow me travel to the far South where they speak another language. Let me dwell briefly with my first lover, perhaps he will teach me again how to love you. So that when I cook, the food will be tasty and when I pray, it will be for you. I will not dive into the well, all I want is for splashes of refreshment. I know my wish is selfish.

Home is closer to the market man, Aboki,
His oranges are sweet and juicy and never old.
I have learned to recite your stiff sentences,
Like Grace or the Pledge .

The first gave me not very much,
But his heart and prayers and endless love.
He took from me as little too,
My heart and prayers and endless love.

It is only in doing me no right that you have done me wrong.

Your love is sultry, unlike my first.



  1. hmmm... comparing the first love and the man who gave the ring...risky business.

  2. simply put - beautiful. I could feel the resignation and years through your voice, and tone. Love the choice of words, just Love it!

  3. i love love love this...

    it also scares the hell out of me....

  4. lol @ risky business..

    Beautiful sha!

  5. Sounds like something so many woman would love to say or do...

  6. This is so delicate. Your words are so fragile, I could feel the fleeting sadness in the tone. Its effortlessly powerful. Love you bestheart!!

  7. Effortlessly powerful...yes! Very deep, your take on 'first love'. Comparison of first love to man who gave the ring is risky business like Lara said. Still, some do it perhaps to keep their feet grounded in a roundabout sort of way.

    Thanks for the link, Naked Sha. You may wish to directly link the poem: "first love", as I've got another one up.

  8. And This really got me:

    "It is only in doing me no right that you have done me wrong."

  9. @'Lara, it may be risky business.

    @Mwajim Al, thank you :)

    @Kiah, thank you. I feel so many emotions for this piece.

    @Aseni, thank you.

    @HoneyDame, I think so too. Either fortunately or unfortunately.

    @Kecy Anosike, I love you too, darling. You know. I think the words are fragile too.

    @Adura, I've changed the link. Thank you.

    @Adura and 'Lara, I think first love is like one's mother's cooking. You always compare to it subconsciously or not. It's the first you knew and you'll always say, 'this food is good or bad' based on what you first knew.

  10. Wow! I had to come back and read this again, it is deep, raw and very easy to relate to. Beautifully written, God bless you

  11. Profound. I many women are actually thinking in these lines?

  12. I love this. I've been here. I lingered as long as I could...
    One day I walked away :)
    Be happy

  13. @Dosh, Thank you and God bless you as well.

    @LD, these are questions we may never have answered. Just how many?

    @Kitten, Oh, this is sort of first hand for you? I'm glad you can relate.

  14. Just wanted to say, hello. I'm new here and I like your blog.


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