Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's been one year and you deserve this.

Our people say:
Bini - A gha gbe evbokhan udian A ghi rhie maren ne ghewe tu gbiren ubi
Eng: When you kill a tsetsefly on a child's back, you should show him the dead fly so he doesn't think you hit him as a punishment. - Bini proverb.
Burntbottompot is 1!
(Make some noise, dance some Makossa, pop a bottle of zobo)

This is her first anniversary and I am extremely grateful for such a blessed year. It is also a celebration of three Nigerian Blog Awards nominationsover 100 followers, ~100 posts and useful discussions on BG. I love to write and this past year, I have delved into so many beautiful things to keep this blog a pocket full of life. My readers deserve more than just a thank you post, so, guess what?

I'm having a series of give-aways. I am thankful for your readership, support and participation on this blog and I constantly pray for you all. So, apart from the prayers, here's a little something something: The give-aways will run until the end of April, 2011. I have partnered with some great organizations. So, let's jump right into gift-giving and love-splashing, shall we?

First up: This is for the ladies or the gents who are interested in healthy hair :) - With a U.S. address.

Of course I would start with my hair products; of which I have had many great things to say. A big thank you to Saleemah Cartwright and her team for sponsoring these:

Hydratherma Naturals 4oz Hair Lotion and 4oz Hair Oil.

Leave in the comment section, answers to ALL three questions:

1. What three states in Nigeria do I come from?
2. If you met me, what would you tell me?
3. Has this blog been of any relevance to you? If yes, tell me how.

To win, you must have a U.S address and answer ALL three questions. However, 2 and 3 will not count. Question 1 is the only question with an absolute right answer, so 1 has to be answered correctly.
I will announce the winner on this blog as soon as there is one. If there is/are more than one, I will choose from the winners, the most active participant(s) on this blog. If there is/are still more than one, I will go ahead and use
Alright, start winning, lovelies! And God bless you.

P.S: Any one who knows me personally is ineligible to participate. :)



  1. I think I'm ineligible to participate, but still want to say congratulations on your anniversary! I have definitely benefited for knowing this blog, and I look forward to more posts.

  2. This is not fair...US residents alone...I haf vex oh.

    Congrats on your blogoversary..

  3. aww i want the giveaway too....but don't know Q#1

  4. Should i go ahead an answer ALL? :) Good work bestheart. P.S, if you want to win, email me and i'll provide the accurate answer to all. HAA!!

  5. I follow Lara vex o;)
    Happy blogversary, Missy. More shea butter to your creative joints.

  6. Happy dont think Im eligible to apply ba? its not fair. i need to move to d US asap

  7. Congrats on 1 year of blogging. I guess it's easy to do since you enjoy writing anyway!

    Here is my submission for the contest:
    1. Jos / Port Harcourt / Oyo

    2. How did you decide to go to school in Colorado?

    3. I appreciate your perspective; to be in another land and how people treat you and the interesting things they say to you and your love for your country.

  8. ahn shd b free n fair...d answer to number is yoruba and benin...lolol....congrats hun...well done.. i knw u got dis!!!!...looking forward to even more heights with ur blog....

  9. 1. oyo, edo, rivers state
    2.youre so smart
    3. not really

  10. Thanks everyone...Thank you.

    I'll answer all your questions here and in my e-mail.

    @Kelechim, of course you're ineligible. :)