Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Inshallah. Amen!

Our people say:
Yoruba: Ọ̀kùn-ún mọ̀nà tẹ́lẹ̀ kójú ẹ̀ tó fọ́.
English: The millipede knew the way before it went blind.- Yoruba proverb.

-> To that reader who has tons of her brothers'/ boyfriend's/husband's/friends' shirts in her closet or those who straight up buy men's clothing in stores. My brothers are tired of me! :)

"I close the doors and open the south window. Maybe, just maybe another soul will hear the crisp joy in my song of praise and thanksgiving and the flawless fluidity in my chords." Sing with me:

Hallelujah, Inshallah, Amen!
{Hallelujah, if God wills, let it be!}
 Interesting facts:
1. My guitar is fourteen years old. My father bought it when we lived in the Netherlands and he gave me what has become one of my most cherished material possessions.
2. The shirt in the picture (and half of my shirts) belongs to my older brother. 
3. I still wear a wrist-watch. If you do, holla!
4. I have no more than twenty five pieces of clothing at any given time in my closet. I find myself always trying to get rid of unnecessary things. It's impossible to tell; thank you, creativity.

Have a blessed rest-of-the-week and don't forget to count your blessings and give thanks! 


  1. hmm! don't know where to start from surprise me everyday sister.....with your creativity & personality..

    Hand-downs & 25pc of clothes at any given time?...sister! you don't sound like the typical 9jas i know & hear of o esp in diaspora .... *laughs*....alas! thats what makes you unique huh?....take care.

  2. That pose...

    Interesting facts you got there...hehe.

  3. 25 pieces of clothing?
    At times, I do wish I could be so sparse with clothing. Certainly helps to have a good clear out every now and again. You guessed it...I'm a hoarder. And even when I give old stuff away, I just buy more. It's all subconscious though. At least I think it is.

  4. If i had a sister n she wore my shirt, she'd as well keep it. Wonder what that says about me tho...

  5. If I were what would you do?
    I kinda have an idea, what..
    I love the poise.. I don't think I can manage that..
    You go girl!

  6. I wish I had a brother whose shirts can wear.
    that pose...classic.

  7. You wear your older brother's clothes. Awwwww. Tomboy?

    We all need to cultivate the habit of getting rid of unnecessary things.

  8. I flow with Blogoratti... *that pose* lol

    Holla... I wear wrist-watch too :)

    - LDP

  9. This is really vintage, lol. I like the pose most.

  10. @NittyGritty, Thank you.
    @Blogoratti, Thank you.
    @Naijalines, It's a habit I'm still developing. It's okay, we all have things we collect...clothes aren't those things for me.
    @Kay9, awww why now?
    @2cute4u, hehe thank you.
    @Afrigenic, a friend, lover perhaps?
    @Jaycee, I do. And yes, we do need to.
    @LDP, HOLLA, egbon!!!!
    @Myne, thank you.

  11. lol, I can understand. My lil' sis wears my clothes too. I just don't understand the compulsion to do that!

  12. lol @ me collecting clothes. Naijalines, the clothes collector. Hahahaha.

    Shame none of them are vintage or designer. lol.

  13. lol @ Naijalines. Not like I can boast of designer clothing either. lol.

  14. Never gave music lessons the required devotion when I had the chance. That posture's in a language I don't speak yet. lol


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