Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Our people say:
Yoruba: Ẹni tó fi owó-o rẹ̀ ra ẹṣin, kò níí jẹ́ kó ṣe àrìnjẹ́.
Eng: Whoever paid his or her own money for a horse will not let it be sacrificed for a good-luck charm.-Yoruba proverb.

SURU tagged me!
So, here are TEN OF THE things I love in no particular order.
1) My God. I am daily building my relationship God. Christ in my everything.

2) Books. I read a lot of school books (of course), novels (I am very big on African literature and fiction and Christian-themed novels), informational books, etc. Knowledge is power and I am always very willing to learn.

3) Writing. ( AND WORKING WITH MY HANDS...making jewellry, creating, etc) So, I write A LOT. I do not know how much of me would remain without my writing. Give me water, my Bible and my journal kit in the desert and I'm good. I'd take off my scarf and use it as a blanket while I write.

4) Travelling. And of course all the sight-seeing and learning that come with it. Even if it's from Ogbomoso to Ejigbo. I hate how college  has dampened my international travelling schedule but all the same, I travel as much as I can. My father still says that travelling is education. I have been to thirteen countries and all but two continents. Enough said.

5) Family. So, there are six of us; four kids and my parents. My family is my backbone! We are extremely close to each other (in a healthy way).

6) Pictures/Photography/Memories. I take A LOT of pictures. Since the very little things of this life are of so much interest to me, I love to document almost everything. I would take as many pictures as possible because they are very important. As for memories, I get very nostalgic especially with issues that have to do with my growing up, church, school, etc in Port Harcourt City. I would give a lot to return there to live. :|

7) HAVING (interesting) DISCUSSIONS WITH MY FRIENDS AND RANDOM PEOPLE! (Anything from trying to find out the story behind someone's homelessness to arts to engineering to God)

8) Music. And other forms of art. ART ROCKS. I do know that I have a relatively 'different' point of view music-wise but I even study with music. Good music is like breathing fresh bush-scented air! And of course, this includes my guitar!

9) Cooking. Chai, I cannot even emphasize this. As much as I do eat out sometimes, my friends and I constantly have nights were we chill and cook food. Some of my closest friends are Ethiopian so a good night consists of some Naija food and Injera!!!

10) My friends. When you have amazing friends, you love them. I love my friends a lot and they are very special to me.

{P.S I need to add weddings, NIGERIA and AFRICAN subjects in general, the Yoruba and Edo kingdoms, etc}
...and these are just ten.
I'm sorry, I do not know who has or has not been tagged. So, if you're tagged again, bless your heart. I tag Jaycee, Le Dynamique Professeur, T.Notes, Lani, Neefemi, Harry-Rami Itie, NBB, Blogoratti and Sugarking. 

This list is getting long so feel free to go ahead and tag yourself!


  1. We share almost everything in common including cooking. haha.

    Wait, I could even copy and paste yours. haha. This is the second time I'm being tagged now... chei!

    - LDP

  2. lol, go ahead and do this then, LDP!

  3. Love the quote and yaaayyy to interesting conversations...

    Thanks for the tag, will get on it ASAP

  4. Books, writing, and traveling....aaaahhh me too. Really want to travel around the world.

    We already know you like "bottom pots." I like cooking, but I also like taking breaks from cooking...I love decorating food dishes though. Lovely list.

  5. @Jaycee, thank you my darling! When do we see your list?

    @neefemi, thanks! will be looking out for your list

  6. ''Burnt bottom pot'', reminds me of the pot jellof rice my mum used to cut back then, always burnt at bottom. Delicious! We used to fight over who'd wash it.

    First time here; i like

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Kay9!

    Will check out your blog.

  8. Cool list!
    I sure would love to travel more!


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