Thursday, April 22, 2010

RAIN...Real rain.


It is RAINING in Boulder, Colorado.

No, it's not drizzling, or hailing or snowing, it's actually RAINING.

This is so exciting. I had to share!

I love the rain and I miss playing around Naija rain.

Have a great day!


  1. Rain rain
    go away
    come again anutha day
    little children want to play

  2. What does Omonoba mean? Child of the king?

  3. Lol!!!Sounds like some1 wants to go frolicking in the rain!
    Yeah, i always wondered with Sting! What does that mean? Its not yoruba is it?

  4. @Sting and T.Notes,you're right, it means 'Child of the King'. It is Edo (I'm half Edo)

    Omooba is the Yoruba version!

    @Lani, and now the sun is out again! :|

  5. I knew it was Edo cos i'm half Edo too. Born and raised in Benin. That's how the greeting to the Oba starts, so i kind of wondered.

  6. You're Edo Sting! Hehe, that's the way forward! (okay, I say that for everything I like).

    I'm half Edo and half Yoruba.

    I miss Benin :|

  7. lol....
    i remember those days o! *sigh* heheh

  8. @ Blowing Blessings, It HARDLY rains here oh, that's why I'm amused by twenty minutes of rain...sigh

    @Nitty Gritty, abi o...

  9. I'm guessing it doesn't rain much in Boulder, Colorado! :) I love me some RAIN!!!

  10. Has it been soo long since when it rained last in colorado?

    Cause u say u missed it...sounds like its been dry for quiet a while there.

    Oh...And I like your layout..its refreshing to my eyes!

  11. It doesn't rain often in Colorado. It's a pretty dry state and usually, drizzles end up as snow!

    @Afronuts, thank you. :)

  12. To add to the omonoba discussion does that mean you are one then? As a child, rain in naija was amazing! The smell, the feel oooo I miss it.

  13. @Suru, yes oh! Omo Baba God ni. :)

    Abi, and it was warm rain.

  14. That's me, using my friend's ID. ROOKIE.


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