Wednesday, September 12, 2012

13 Handwritten Letters

I love writing letters. At this point, that's like saying I'm a woman. I saw this meme on Bumight's blog and I've tweaked it. I'll be writing 13 letters :) Let's go!

1. Oldest friend (in terms of length of friendship).

2. Oldest friend (in terms of age)

3. Port Harcourt City.

4. My body.

5. Dream (future ambition).

6. Dream (sleep-getaway)

7. Favorite internet personality.

8. Someone I'd like to meet.

9. A deceased person I would love one more day with.

10. Someone from my childhood.

11. The person I'd like to be.

12. Someone who I think about a lot.

13. Someone I speak Pidgin with.



  1. Interesting!

    Will you be posting these 3 letters?
    How will we get to read them?

    I'm anxious oh...

  2. Are you sending the letters out to people or what?

    - LDP

  3. I'll post them here so you can read them. If I realise anything too personal, I'll just post a part of the letter.

    But yes, I hope I can send them out to whom they belong.

  4. This is a really good concept. I used to write handwritten letters to a sibling of mine who passed when I was young. I think the most recent version was two years ago and currently lives on my blog.

    Have fun with this.


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