Saturday, August 4, 2012

Darling Readers: I Need Your Help, Please!

Our People Say:
"Please, help the needy" =D

Please, where in Lagos could I get 'Nigerian' arts and craft? I need all sorts, in large quantities, jewelry, masks, pottery, and other souvenirs...

I know of the stores in Federal Palace Hotel and Eko Hotel. Does anyone know of a market though, I need a ton!

Please, who knows? :)



  1. Lekki Beach market-i hear it is now called is close to jakande market in Lekki. actually it is in the same place. across the road from Femi Okunnu Estate.

    also Out of Africa in VI is great as well-it is a 5 minute walk or so from Mega Plaza. i am sorry i cannot provide clearer directions.

  2. Hi Dear,

    i know a site which has some artwork for sale and they are based in lagos too. so u can check out this link and browse their collection to see if it interests you.

  3. @ Kiah, Thanks, I'm quite familiar with the Jakande Market axis so I'll check it out. And Mega Plaza is a good enough landmark for me to find the store.

    Thank you!

    @Jugz, Thank you. Will check it out.


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