Monday, July 9, 2012

Naija Mode Activated.

Our people say: "God dey" - prayer for the lazy or prayer for the poor or prayer for the Nigerian.


It's a frustration-love relationship in this alley. But I love it every time.

Today, a mallam in my estate said to me: "half-bread is better than none" because I wore almost knee-length shorts to buy credit. I laughed for 7 or 8 minutes. He was laughing too.

Today, I got hissed at by the boy at the 'Indian shop' because I asked for oranges when he only bananas and watermelons. He hissed at me because 'I no see sey e no get orange for table?'

Yesterday, praise, hymns in church and other important things/people were great!

Yesterday, I accidentally said 'one hundred dollars' while buying something instead of  'one hundred naira'. Before the seller finished saying 'ehn', I corrected myself.

Saturday, my mum made breakfast of moin-moin (with fish and eggs) and yellow pap (a.k.a akamu, ogi, etc).

Saturday, the lady came to the house to braid my hair. She brought her radio and overshadowed my music with her Sonny Bobo music. Too cool.

I'm sure I belong with these people but I'm not sure whether I belong here or now. Or is it the other way around? Until I go away again, I am like a familiar stranger who always overstays her welcome.



  1. You're in Naija? Enjoy oh!
    Loling seriously at, "half bread is better than none" lol

    - LDP

  2. Loool! Really Nice. You belong anywhere you feel welcome jare. Welcome to Naija! :)


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