Thursday, January 12, 2012

My People, Ebezina!

Our people say:

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At this point, Nigerians have taken the country into their hands. Jungle justice at its most redefined. 20 years ago, only 'radical' Nigerians would go out to protest the issues we face. Today, Nigerians (period) are hitting the streets.

In two words:

It is unfortunate - the killings that have occurred. At worst, the government will not listen, the strike will continue and it will be a long, chaotic road to get the government to listen. At best, they will listen immediately. Pride is what I feel for all the Nigerian youths out there. Some of us have only this one country.

Please listen:

My heart and my mind is with us.



  1. Great post, Naked Sha. Our people will not give up on Nigeria. We will not give up on our country. Like you, I'm really impressed by the way Nigerians have pounded the streets in protest. They have cried silently for so long. Now they wave the banner to say: enough!

    Thank you, sista, for adding your voice to the campaign for a better Nigeria. "Jungle justice at is most redefined" Word! May we continue to redefine Nigeria's landscape for a better tomorrow.

  2. Sincerely, for the first time perhaps, I am impressed at the way Nigerians have indeed taken this issue strictly and not backing out at all... May God help us on this subsidy issue...

    NB: Got ur postcard... Thank you. Mine's on its way I am sure... :)

    - LDP


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