Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My fascination with the Juju man / Books of 2010

Our people say:
Esan (Ishan): Ẹwa’ẹn Aah rẹ gbi udia nọ timan bhi ikpẹkẹn. 
Eng: Killing a tsetse fly that perches on one’s scrotum demands wisdom. - Esan Proverb
[I am fascinated by the juju man. His confidence (in his god) is on another level. He turns everything into a toy. He takes food for the gods and them eats them. The man, and his priests, cannot whisper. They must shout. Perhaps the god of the juju man is half deaf. A long time ago, being from Ogbomos(h)o and Benin City, could I have become a juju priestess?

But I have never seen a juju woman.

I am writing a story about a juju man; I have had to find out a lot about him. But each juju man differs from the next one. If I dare enough, I will write about a juju woman.]

On another note:
[What books do we have lined up to read in 2011? I've presented my list [of Nigerian books] below. There are just five books listed and definitely, I will read more than that but I usually pick as I go. I will also be reading non-Nigerian literature, of course. Please share yours so that we can all be aware of books that are out / good.  I'm so excited for the new year, 2010 was a fantastic literary year.

1. Feddie Girl                                          - Nona David
2. You Must Set Forth at Dawn             - Prof. Wole Soyinka
3. The Icarus Girl                                   -Helen Oyeyemi
4. The Blacksmith's Daughter               - Ngozi Achebe
5.  Abyssinian Boy                                  - Onyeka Nwelue

To see the books I read in 2010, check here.

Have a Blessed Rest-of-the-year, 2010,


  1. So not my kind of books jor. lol
    I will sure be reading more of school literature since 2011 would be the year I'd finish my studies. I can't wait. I agree it's been a fantastic year.

    Looking forward to your writing about the juju man.

    - LDP

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  3. I'm still waiting to read about the juju man. Though the juju woman might be more fascinating to read about. Apparently juju women do exist. There is a 'legend' out there that one such juju woman with her formidable arsenal 'saw off' an allegedly corrupt Yoruba politician who 'refused to die' in the 80s after petrol and a box of matches failed to do the job. Surely not the way to do justice. God help us!

    I will seek out the Liberian president's autobiography to read in the new year.

    Happy New Year, missy.

  4. @Naijalines, haha, oh wow. I haven't heard that. But I'll go dig.

    Let me know what you think of the book when you're done.

    Happy New year to you too, ma'am.

  5. Here are 7 of the 15 Books lined up so far for my reading pleasure in 2011.

    A Life in Full and Other Stories (Caine Prize 2010 Collection)/

    Imagine This by Sade Adeniran/

    Comrade by Tosin Otitoju/

    Say You Are One of Them by Uwem Akpan/

    The Abyssinian Boy by Onyeka Nwelue/

    From Caves of Rotten Teeth by Igoni Barrett/

    You Must Set Forth at Dawn by Wole Soyinka/

    For my complete 2011 reading list and books read in 2010, visit the Middle Footer on my blog:


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