Wednesday, July 21, 2010

True Beauty - Sonia N. Osi.

Our people say:
Igbo: Akwukwo juru n'ohia, ma a baa a choba okazi.
Eng: There are various leaves in the bush, but people go in to look for okazi leaves.-Igbo Proverb.
Hello darlings. This post is just in time before we run out of July. It would have come sooner but the sweetheart subject of the post was getting done with exams.

So, Sonia N. Osi is featured on NaijaStories as the Writer of the Month (July, 2010). I have known Sonia for 8 years now and we are good friends. She actually calls me her sister and I regard her as mine too. So, she has been writing for a while and it is not surprising that she was featured on Naijastories. Find her interview here. She has shared some fun facts about herself .
{Find and become friends with her on}.

Sonia's words:
1) I have a library of about 40 books. 
2) My worst genre of books is romance. I cannot explain why but the shallowness of Mills and Boons has something to do with it.
3) I'd rather write something than say it.
4) I get shy when I have to read something I wrote ranging from a bland text message to an essay on the environment, anything! I also get shy if my work is read in front of me.
5) And then for some other weird reason, I'm shy about my real-life actual friends reading my work too; I feel much more comfortable when strangers review/read my things.
6) I'm actually not a shy person despite the two previous points.
7) I've almost always kept a thinking journal. Yeah, you guessed right - that's the posh name for diary, hehe.
8) I have never understood it when people say everyone's got skeletons in their closet. I always feel left out when I hear that. 
9) It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Seriously? I find that funny. Very funny.
10) I could never be with a man who didn't wash his hands after using the bathroom. I'm just saying.

...and yet, she's a medical student in Debrecen, Hungary.

NakedSha loves you, Sonia. And you know it.
Enjoy, my darling readers,


  1. I understand what she means by number 5. So apart from being featured on Naijastories, does she blog? If she does could u DM me the addy? :) (I might not be able to check ur reply soon, lol).

  2. Nice post. True beauty indeed. I have this thing for medicos. hahah.
    Wait, #10.. haha. Seem like she's had an experience with one before. lol #justsayingtoo

    - LDP

  3. I am loving this babe. That point #10 is the truth. amjussayingtoo.

  4. she's gorgy! her personality just shines thru her words!

    I'm feelin her on #3! Same here.

  5. She is speaking word...

    and she fine tooo

  6. She is really pretty and she writes well. I was surprised to find out she was so young and a med student too. mind journal, lol...I've learnt a new one...

  7. I read the full interview and I just admired her. I have not read anything she's written but I could tell she had a gift, lol the green eyed monster in me came out. She's blessed.

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  9. Na d babe be dat? She take style fine sha. lol

  10. hahahahahaha, thanks guys :))
    And no ohhh, I have not had an experience with a number 10 before, I just know it's gross...I haven't really started the whole dating thing yet although I'm getting married soon, hehe God knows how he'll sort that one out.

    @Miss Natural, hahaha...thank you hun :)
    @Myne, awwww thanks!
    @Everyone who thinks I'm pretty, gracias.

    NakedSha, my sister, thanks so much boo...I'm very flattered. I'll let you know when I start blogging again, so you can give your friends the link. God bless you hun. xxx <3


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