Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is Why I read

Our People Say:
Eng: If the singer is a fool, the listener is also a fool.- Ijaw Proverb.
I did a post sometime ago titled This is Why I Write. But writing is not the only thing I do. I cannot get enough of good books. Every writer is a reader and every good writer is an even better reader.

When I read a book, I am privileged to create my own imagery and enter into the world of the characters. I form a relationship with them- the characters-and we communicate. It is as if I am a part of their story and I become equipped to re-tell it. When I watch a movie, I am subjected to the point of view of the director. Good movies are awesome but good books are even better! Go Books!!! 
- NakedSha.

This is why I read.


  1. At a point, during a crazy period in my life called teenage hood (smh), i think I was a better read... because I read more books than I do now... and it was to the point that as with you forming a relationship with your characters... I would also dream of them (wierd!)... I feel you :)

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  3. True, every writer is a reader n i read because reading informs me, makes knowledge available to me n broadens my mind.....i get to see things through other people's eyes buh just like Mwajim Al, I read more as a teenager than I do now
    :( wish I could go back to those days when my mom had to tear me away from a book...sighs.

  4. Wait o... it appears as if its a common trend to have been a better reader as a teenager than...
    I recall I used to be very crazy about books then. In fact, I buy one book a month. I have almost all of Myles Munroe, John Mason, David Yongi Cho, John C. Maxwell's books. Most of my writings today are a product of things I learnt from those books. Me must go back... well, after my current course of study cos I have to read excessively for this one. lol
    Thanks for sharing :)

    - LDP

  5. I completely agree with you about the writer/reader relationship. If they were no books, I wonder what the world would be like. Books are a part of my life. They are my main education. Go BOOKs!

  6. Completely agree. Books allow one to form one's opinion and to use one's imagination, rather than simply following the director's vision in a movie. I just started to read again after a very long unintended break, so this is quite timely:)

    I finished Doreen Lawrence's "And Still I Rise" two days ago. - Real story of a mother whose son was killed in south london 17 years ago, in a racially motivated attack. Picked it up and finished it in two days. I simply could not put it down, and I wondered why I had stayed away from books for so long!

  7. You are so on point... I love books!!!

  8. I read more now, than I ever did. Even while I was in school! As in academic material. I just didn't enjoy it. I don't know how I passed mehn. Photographic memory? I think I have a lil bit of that... Na God.

    So, yay Books!

  9. I was an addict to reading before house chores cure me sharp! sharp!'s now am having a little respite & try to finish a book in a week! *grinning*

  10. What would I be without the sum of the books I have read, in books, newspapers and magazines, the stories I have seen, in life, movies, etc? I love reading and can never stop.


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