Saturday, June 19, 2010

LEtter bOX

Our people say:
Edo: Te a ghe okhuo eto vbu ere uden-
Eng: You look at a woman's hair before asking her for pomade - Edo Proverb

NEW EXCERPT COMING SOON! Watch this space.

This morning, I participated in the Blogtalk radio with Verastic, MyneWhitman and Sting. The topic of discussion was "Women changing, keeping or hyphenating their last names after marriage." Interesting discussion, if you ask me. I spoke on a very light-hearted note though, about village bad-belle women...{:)}but all the same, kudos to Verastic and everyone who participated for a job well-done.

I appreciate things that are strikingly different and simple. People, life cannot get any better than this - the kitchen is such a beautiful place; everything makes me smile.

I have a box of letters, it is an actually vintage wooden box with a twist hook and a curved roof. It's one of the things I would grab if I had a fire. Anyway, in secondary school, I kept most of my letters, notes and silly messages. I do not throw such things away. In fact, I have had to reduce the number of times I open that box because those letters are wearing out. Sadly, I have not written that many letters in recent times. But, I will write as much as I can and encourage others to write to me so that I could keep them. Letters are priceless, they are different from text messages and e-mails. Besides, I do not like to text...I want to write.

So, here's a picture of my letter box. If you could, please revive the art of writing letters for yourself. Pass a silly note to a friend or family and encourage them to keep it and do the same to you.

{Old picture of the box. Beside my old Bible}

P.S: Be careful about what you write. Once something is on paper, even after you die, it will live on. Do not write down anything that you do not need anyone else to know. NEVER. Written words are powerful so, I thought I would throw in that caution. Also, write to people whom you love. When they feel otherwise or down, they will have your letter to read.

Oh, I loooooove letters. If I moved back home, I would trade my phone for an effective postal service.



  1. You sound like a baby. I giggled a little bit when u first came on! lol

  2. lol, Sting! You all were great out there.

    Haven't heard the 'baby' one before oh. I enjoyed it sha.

  3. would really love to receive a letter

  4. Oh...I miss receiving letters :)

  5. This was a very nostalgic and lovely read. I love that you love letters, you're right, they are priceless and most people including me have gotten caught up in the whole texting, email hype.

  6. I love writing letters. I wish the tradition of doing so was brand new, as opposed to being wiped away by the current trend of emails. Funny enough I just watched the movie "Young Victoria," and in it the queen and the man she loved kept sending letters back and forth to each other. Romantic!

    So you were on the Verastic show? I had to be somewhere else today, but hopefully I'll get to listen to the podcast later. Sounds like it was so interesting :)

  7. Letters!I remember the days of pen-pals... Its now been replaced by emails, twitter, BBM. *sigh*

  8. It was nice talking with you today, that village women angle made me laugh.

    I still have some of my old letters. I loved writing to people then, emails have taken over now.

  9. Used to love letters....not so much now, seems like my words are restricted and nothing enough for a full sheet of paper anyways, o well...

  10. I love small notes from people.. I keep em in my wallet...

  11. Gosh!...i had forgotten the joy of writing's being quite a while!..I don't like keeping letters, it might fall into the wrong hands..i make sure i don't write anything 'DAMNING' in my personal diary either!

  12. [Trade your phone in for an effective postal service]... NICE!!! I love the art going back to stuff written to yourself or from the past... it absolutely relieves so hidden memories locked in the abyss of our memories... I am a 100% with you on this one... OMG... now I want to write one more... :)

  13. nice one with the archives!
    I wish I had one **sobs**

  14. I'm glad we're all on the same page!

  15. Interesting... While I cherish letters, I recently tore several of them when I sat down to think about their effect on my future. I thought about destroying them now so I would not have to answer unnecessary questions later. It pained me though but I think I did the right thing.

    Nonetheless, I admire you :)

    - LDP

  16. i save my letters too, not those ive written just those that people write me.

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  18. Gash Nakedsha!!! kudos joh i wish i kept all d letters i recioevd 2! i envy u buh neways its all gud....u write beautifully esp d inter-tribal one!


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