Sunday, May 9, 2010

My take and the Mundane

Our people say:
Igbo: O na-abu a si nwata wuba ahu, o saba afo ya.
Eng:Tell a child to wash his body, he washes his stomach-Igbo Proverb

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Since I have been asked, I will mention briefly my opinion on the BBC-Welcome to Lagos documentary. I liked a lot how the chosen stories were told. Beautiful. Rekindles my pride in Nigeria. I enjoyed it and nothing about the stories was untrue. But...
If you are going to talk about how Nigerians eat yam and you are going to call it 'Welcome to Nigerian yam', you must mention roasted yam, boiled yam, fried yam, pounded yam,  yam pepper soup, etc. Boiled yam might be the most common and Pounded yam may be the most appealing but the yam story can never be complete until EVERYTHING is told. Or else, call it 'Welcome to fried yam' or 'Welcome to roasted yam'.

'Nuff said.
My friends will tell you that I am not too deep to understand and appreciate the MUNDANE and SIMPLE things of life.
Today, I looked carefully at the curl patterns in my natural hair. They are beautiful!

Do something extra-ordinary today and appreciate something extra simple. For instance, pray on your knees!



  1. hmmm.. i feel you one the one-sidedness of the story..
    interesting simple idea you got there..will keep it in mind..
    have a great week..

  2. And people were waiting desperately to prove that they would be sensible enough to show the other parts of Lagos, but lo and behold they weren't sensible. They failed in delivering.

    I still haven't seen part 3. Maybe I'm not that motivated to see it. I heard Vocal Slender will be doing a concert in London least some good came out of it.

  3. I am yet to see that video cos I've heard too much about it. I am already disappointed at its unbalanced make up despite having not seen it yet. It is well.

    I should do smthn extraordinary for myself today o... erm... maybe I shld take myself to a nice restaurant??? (Say Yes) haha

    Thanks :)

    - LDP

  4. I share the same view with you. Even although they had a lovely story but they failed to tell it the right way. Like I have always told people, they are just telling a single story(remember the danger of a single story by Chimamanda). There is a lot of imbalance in it. :)
    LDP you should watch it. its on youtube.

  5. I agree with ur POV. I think they should also show the beautiful side of lagos, esp of pple who are doing really well and who worked hard for their money. It makes it more balanced.

    I never knew pple lived like that until i watched the series and i'm a Nigerian who was born and raised in Nigeria. Just imagine the impression people who don't know better would get. I still think it was a great series and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. I am yet to watch all because it is too damn slow on you tube! Nevertheless, am of mixed feelings; unhappy & full of pride..THEY SHOULD HAD SHOWN BOTH THE GOOD, BAD & UGLY SIDE OF LAGOS! abi ghetto & slum no dey for UK? Where they not the ones that introduce 'FACE-ME-I-SLAP-YOU!? & SHACKS when they were our colonial masters?

  7. A whole load of tosh... someone in the media should get a camera and show the slums of london on nigerian TV and call it "welcome to london".

  8. hmm, right on point. havent seen the video too.
    lol at the different kinds of yam! u didnt add asaro tho

  9. Thanks lovelies, it's nice to hear what you have to say...bless.

  10. thats what i said....i'm sorry i can't watch it....enough bloggers have explained the story nways

  11. Interesting. I'd love to watch that documentary.

    So their expose on yam was not comprehensive? hmmm...interesting

  12. I watched the documentary and I feel the whole thing is one sided!

    @ Lani- I agree with you. There should be a documentary titled "welcome to London", showing the slums in London!

  13. @Neefemi, pls watch it...
    @afronuts nd Dee, thx fr stopping by

  14. Well said. As true as the stories may be, an incomplete story is no good story. I believe it was a major blunder detailing the flaws and omitting the good things about Lagos. I heard there are ghettos in UK as well. How about a Nigerian production detailing these slums on quality film, posting it on a cable network with a strong global audience and calling it 'Welcome to UK'. That would be an awesome way of hitting back, trust me. I like the boiled yam-pounded yam etc allegory you used here. Witty yet to the point. I'm yet to see 'Welcome to Lagos' but from the stories i've heard on the production, they messed our Lasgidi big time.

  15. I seriously need to watch this documentary...


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