Saturday, April 17, 2010

The world through Baba Agba's Eyes.

Our people say:
Yoruba: Arúgbó ṣoge rí; àkísà-á lògbà rí.
Eng: The old person was once a dandy; the rag was once in fashion.-Yoruba Proverb.
I take a lot of pictures. So, you can imagine the frustration I feel when my camera starts to act up. Because of this, I decided to get a new camera which would meet up to my demand. Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of the kind of camera that would take clear pictures and enable me carry out my personal photography? Please would you be kind to let me know? I would like to hear from you. Thank you. 'Old Faithful' served me well but its time to get something better. Here's an example of 'old faithful's' capacity.

On a related note:
I stumbled across a Nigerian youth’s website . To say that I was awed is to say the very least. I was struck by the smoothness of the music that played off the site, probably because its the type of music I find refreshing. However, his photography amazed me. It was very beautiful and pure. Seeing that I love pictures {I take A LOT of pictures} and I consider them  vital pieces of memory, it is no wonder that his website was beautiful. His name is Baba Agba and he calls his website ‘THE WORLD THROUGH MY EYES’. This is to enterprising  youths and photography!
Here we go:

And, some refreshing music by K'naan. Waving flag was re-made speacially for the world cup, SA 2010. I like both the old and new versions a lot. Here's the World Cup version. 



  1. First, I love this new really does suit you. Is that your guitar in the header? 2nd...don't know that much about cameras. 3rd...heading over to "The World through My eyes." Thanks.

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  3. @Jaycee, yes that is my guitar in the header.

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Good picture. Have you tried any of the D90s? They should suit your passion for pictures. I love photography too :)

    - LDp

  5. Thanks LDP, will check those out

  6. Yo, try get the Canon Rebel Xsi. That camera's bad ass!

  7. Thanks sugarking! Will let you know what I come up with

  8. I really like that Yoruba proverb... I'm also a big K'naan fan...

  9. thank you, Suru, for being here!

  10. A good Canon or Nikon should do the trick..

  11. Thank you. Have already had a few consultations. I have narrowed my choices down to Canon and Nikon.

    Thanks blogoratti!


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