Monday, April 5, 2010

They wan chop my money!


Our people say:
'It is a pot of water that is already half full that the world would like to help in filling to the brim.' Nigerian Proverb.

Have the days when we listened to GOOD music gone by?

I was fortunate to grow up int he years when I believe good music was at its peak. This seems like the resolution period after the climax in a movie when everything runs downhill. I don't know; I'm pretty sure my parents and their parents will say the same of their generation. But truly, the kinds of songs we play these days are quite troubling.

It's hard to find anything outside of self-glorification, money, etc. It's getting to the point were it's so cliché and  irritating. I for one have a very different sense of music. My friends have constantly told me that my music taste is weird. But now, I'm being referred to weird simply because I think the music I listen to should be edifying. Gone are the days when we heard even love songs that got one thinking about real issues of life or provided true relaxation. I don't know. I do not know where we are headed with songs that spend a good 2 minutes out of three talking about me, me, me, me,me!

It is quite unfortunate that today, even in disney and other kids shows, there's so much nonsense being perpetuated. I fear. I fear for this generation. I fear that they are growing on songs about the wrongdepiction of love and the wrong depiction of life. I fear that at the very best, they are being exposed to much more baskets than their petty shoulders can carry.

Knowledge is key, but false knowledge?

And the new cliché is 'when I been dey poor, nobody know me, Now, they want my money.' I'm guessing I've heard all the variations of that phrase right there. I don't know, I'm tired.

Someone called it entertainment. Really?

My Seventeen Kobo. Or maybe eighteen, given the mood!


  1. To say I feel you would be an understatement... Songs that come out fo naija now are either "I was poor and I had no babes, now they keep knocking on my door" or "Make we shayo, make we dance". What is really sad is that this is what people want to hear. You don't see artistes like Asa or Nnneka booking as many shows or making as much money as D'banj and Wande... It is a simple case of supply and demand so I don't even know who to blame.

    I loved your post about being chaste for the right reasons... The whole "for your husband" thing makes me want to beat stupid people with a stick...

    P.S. Speaking of "love" songs, I'm afraid they are now extinct. In their place we have "sex" songs. Any recent Trey Songz song will do to illustrate my point.

  2. so right....i'm such an oldies fan just cos of that, the new stuff irks me.... Benz,Beamer, r u kidding me? SMH

  3. My dear oh, neefemi!

    @F, I have a huge urge to copy your comment and paste it on my blog. Straight nail-hitting on the head!
    Thanks for your compliment.

  4. hungry artists, most of them lack creativity. they sing trash and songs that only talk about their cars, swag, girls, parties. who cares? Its sad that those who sing trash make most of the money. I still love my Asha anyday.

    Its pathetic i must say!

  5. You're right on point! I have this same exact opinion on music of these days. N its not really just a Naija thing. Watch BET for an hour and you'd conclude the same. Benz,Beamer, Bentley....its the same story in different lingua.

    I used to be bothered about what my little cousin used to sing about, but in time, i just gave up. How do u wanna fight it???

  6. Im fighting it withing first. I'm personally very picky about my music. I try to tell others about 'good' music I find. I blogged about it.

    What else? Any ideas?

  7. LOL I love this post seeing as I can't stand most young musicians these days. I long for the days when music was innocent.

    I don't mind being "weird" in my music taste jare...

  8. Lol @ too abeg, I love my Asha any day. And Nneka too...(at least they make some sort of sense)


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