Thursday, April 29, 2010

As I dey Drive oh.

Our people say:
Yoruba: Elede tó kú légbodò ló ní ká fòun jeyán.
Eng: It is a pig that dies at the time of the harvesting of new yams that asks to be eaten with pounded yam.- Yoruba Proverb.

Guys, I am trying hard not to convert this into to a music blog. In about two days, I will return to usual style. I never really heard of DaGrin until he died and his style of music is not particularly my favorite but he was a lyrical somebody and he sand in local dialects; so I appreciate that.

Then, last week or so, I came across this song by Oritse femi that had Rhymzo and DaGrin featured in it. This song is off-the-hook. It is titled 'Mercies of the Lord (Remix).'

Then, TODAY, I realised the line that said:

'As I dey DRIVE oh baba, na your hand I dey..' ... (3:26)

Does that break anyone else's heart? DaGrin died in a car accident. I don't know who's line in particular that was but it's in the song.

Bless your family and I pray that they will receive comfort. There is nothing we can do; you have faced judgement.

Rest in Peace, darling.


  1. I knew nothing about him too until I heard about his death. I've tried listening to some of his songs but I don't think I liked any, except for the collabo he did with KSB.

    I am not sure if I like this song you posted sha but I like the title. haha.

    - LDP

  2. And that's why people are raising questions like, "Did DaGrin know he was going to die?"

    It makes me want to live a purpose-filled life even more. RIP DG.

  3. I know its inappropriate to put a "lol" anywhere in this commentary,but it just struck me funny thinking, "i'm not alone in not knowing who da-grin was until he died!"I did a youtube search to quickly upd8 myself at the time.

    Dunno,i guess its best not to consider the irony of that line of thot;so one doesnt get judgemental. I didnt particurlarly like his genre of music; but he was creative; had guts to reach out for his dreams n for that i qppreciate.

    From the song
    %Be careful of the talent jehovah gave to you; if you misuse it; you might loose it%

    P/S.Notice some of my keyboard fncs r going ka°poot!Hate laptops!

  4. I think it's pure coincidence.
    RIP Dagrin

  5. I love your blog.I've got to got back to your page to keep reading..just taught I should let you know.

  6. Oh definitely Lani. It is coincidence. Heart-breaking co-incidence!

  7. Thanks guys.

    Thanks 2cute4u...:)

  8. I only heard the songs few times without knowing the artiste until he died....yeah, especially that chorus line which i can only remember about the song...may his soul rest in peace ..AMEN


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