Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Our people say:
Igbo: Agwo emeghi nke o jiri buru agwo, umuaka achiri ya hie nku.
Eng: If a snake fails to show its venom, little kids will use it in tying firewood.-Igbo Proverb.

{Me and my guitar, Sotee}

I have some silver, no gold
Would that soothe you?
Would that suit you?
You may take all
You may have all
My silver and thread
I'd plead with you, beg
That you leave for me my guitar
If It's cold, I'll strum to warmth
If it's hot, cool chords then
I'll be making music
like abracadabra
No,Not magic



  1. Ooooooh, I love this. It made me smile. You really do own a guitar? You must be cool!

  2. Jaycee, aww..thanks oh!

    @Harry-Rami, thanks :)

  3. I look forward to hearing you play one of these days. I like that proverb, lol.

  4. I love everything about this...
    From the igbo proverb, the picture (i want to learn to play a guitar, once i get a left handed one), then the poem... short and sweet

    nice one

  5. Impressive! Me, like!
    I like the shape of the poem -or am I the only one that saw it?
    You remind me of my blue guitar that I could not bring to New Zealand...
    Keep strumming!

    - LDP

  6. @Myne, thank you. When i become an ASA, I shall be playing :)

    @Lani, Thank you, Lani. i think you should get a guitar if you love it. Good luck.

    @Neefemi, thank you :)

    @LDP, hehe, awesome of you to notice the shape. Sorry about your guitar...I can relate to how that feels. Thanks.

  7. Hmmmmm...its like i can hear the strums of the guiter streaming along the words;)I like I like!


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